One Trick to Drive Viewer Tune-In

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Kid songs like Baby Shark or Raffi’s Baby Beluga are especially hard to stop singing once you hear them a few times.

Getting a song stuck in your head reminds me a lot of publicity. I often have people call me at the last minute wanting a quick fix solution to a PR campaign, but the truth is, building awareness for a series is a lot like those songs that get stuck in your head after you hear them repeated a few times. 

You see a good publicist’s job is to take time to create a catchy message that then strategically plays across several media to build awareness in viewers who then can’t help themselves but TUNE IN!  

Take a look at where you are at for PR in your series – have you nailed down the ‘can’t stop thinking about it’ message of your series? What is it that makes your work stand out?

Ask yourself what makes my series different? What will people love about my work?

And if you have a minute, listen to Baby Shark or Baby Beluga three times in a row  – I dare you!

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