How To Build Buzz in the Entertainment Industry

Many TV producers come to us wanting to build buzz for their next big television series. Many think that doing a huge in-person event will drive big audiences to engage. Some want to do screenings or other public events.

The truth is, building buzz can be a lot simpler than that – if you’re strategic that is.

How building buzz works

Buzz happens because of the rule of three. If someone hears about something three times, then they’ll say, “Oh, I keep hearing about so and so.”

Think about a time you kept hearing about a new TV series or film. It’s likely you heard about it a variety of platforms – newspaper, Instagram, radio interview, and more.

So the truth is, to build buzz, you need to follow the rule of three. Think about who your audience is. Where do they hang out? What do they listen to? What do they do all day? Read all day? Engage with all day?

Once you have these answers, put a strategic plan in place to hit those channels at the right time.

Where to place messages

For us being publicists, we work on placing the message in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television spots so they all hit around the same time, leading into the series launch. This can be expanded onto social media with boosted posts, at trade media events with speaking engagements or trade coverage, and more. Could it be a screening event? Absolutely. But only if it hits the right audience at the right time.

Next Steps

Think about your next project. Identify the audience and then list where they hang out. Do you have a plan in place to reach them where they are? What outreach can you do and when to ensure you have a hit on your hands?

Do this so they next time your series comes out, your friend will be like, “Oh, I keep hearing about (insert your show here.) You should check it out.”

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