Are You Leaving Trade Media Coverage on the Table?

You might have opportunities to get trade media coverage about your production company or upcoming project in outlets like Variety, C21, Playback, and more. The question is – are you taking advantage of all of your opportunities or are you leaving trade media on the table? 

When you leave trade media coverage on the table

Not securing trade media coverage leaves you isolated in the industry and gives your competitors time to shine while you shrink. Harness your chances to get coverage so you can be a go-to player in the entertainment industry, show VIPs the strength of your business and projects, and even drive sales and future greenlights. 

Here’s a list of the top five times you could send a trade media list.

  1. Greenlight – When you get a greenlight from a broadcaster or streamer, and you have permission from them to make an announcement, send a trade press release. It’s a great way to build some initial buzz around the project and get your company name out there.
  1. Start of Production – You can send a start of production release as you begin principal photography – and sometimes a bit after. Some productions are kept secret, but for some it’s totally fine to put out there at this point and start building brand awareness (with the broadcaster or streamers permission of course). 
  1. Signing Key Talent to a Project – Be it a hot actor or a well-known writer or showrunner, don’t miss the chance to continue to build the project and your company’s name in the trades. 
  1. New Company Hire – Trade media love hearing who lands where. Send out a trade press release announcing new executive hires in your company. 
  1. Distribution Deals – Have a few new sales under your belt or did your distribution company land some deals? Do a joint release showing the strength of your series. 

Next Steps

Here’s the thing. Publicity is like planting a seed. You plant the seed by getting your name out there once. Then, with each additional mention, you’re ‘watering the seed’ (aka building brand awareness) until your reputation grows and grows.

Take a look at the next three months for your production company. Do you have any of these opportunities coming up? Over the past three months, did anything pass you by? You might still have a shot of securing some press.

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